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Air Signs Lyrics – Seraph’s ballade (Libra, 2012)
Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 November 2012 12:15
Written by AirSigns
Wednesday, 28 November 2012 12:15



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I often imagine a land
where nothing could bring sufferance
“Heaven” it’s called by the humans, I guess

the lady who brought me on her wings
showed me that’s an ancestral memory
like when we have some flashes of truth

I like to play for them
that Seraph’s ballade
perhaps it doesn’t exist
perhaps it’s this

I won’t oblige you
to listen to this strange song
cause no one has time to waste
but if you need to dream a bit, here I am

a girl told me that I’m so crazy
it’s true, if you trust your reason
well, I don’t: an angel spoke to me and said this:

”Play for me, please that Seraphs’ ballade
perhaps I won’t hear but I’m with you”


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