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Air Signs Lyrics – The storm (Libra, 2012)
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Written by AirSigns
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 11:03



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sometimes the feelings are a storm
and you shouldn’t get any shelter
the thunder breaks in your mental hole
so you’re going to lose your control

some pulsing violet waves
invade your head
ride your instinct like an horse turning to red
the eye of the cyclone is not your watery grave
you can watch your love standing there, brave

take care of your sphere
your emotional sea
don’t worry, you won’t be torn
caressing your storm

the lightings split in two your tusk
choose between a run and a mask
let your anchor make you strong
the boat’s destroyed and then you learn to swim along

there’s a storm coming
through the gusts you must not look back
it will rage until you learn
the deepest meaning of your shipwreck

take care of your sphere
feel no fear cause it’s all inside yourself

this is just your storm, this is just your storm

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