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Lyrics – I wish (Air Signs, 2010)
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Written by AirSigns
Saturday, 16 July 2011 10:40

I wish – Air Signs (MP3 Streaming)

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I Wish

I wish I could have something to die for
before I get something to live for
I wish I could have the sun or the rain
the weather as how I feel

I wish to run under the clouds
through country roads and little towns
I wish to find you all over again
and play a song in the July’s rain

I wish I could have another summer, one more time

I wish I could have your hair to caress
and your hands to hold me close
I wish I had your lips to kiss
and your eyes where I could bloom like a rose

I wish I had your love
from now to God’s will
I wish to live the dream I built
that one that gives me a thrill

and I’m coming
I’m just arrived here in the world
and I wish…

and I wish to live again and again, many times
that’s my heaven out of shrines
so I wish…

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