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Lyrics – The river (Air Signs, 2010)
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Written by AirSigns
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 10:35

The River – Air Signs (Mp3 Streaming)

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The River

come to stop this waterfall
of unuseful words
all I’m saying is just an echo in a valley

follow the river
let your feelings swim in it
just run and go
flow into your sea

just like the river the spiral grows up
like the river it never surrenders
take me to your heart or blast me away
I’ll rain in the river, it’s another day

River! Flooding as my strenght for trying
embrace your channel
and give shelter to life

Travel through the land
and caress everything around you
open yourself cause no one
can stop the water’s sound

Drink life and wash away your old story
Drink life and wash away your fake glory

I’ll rain in the river it’s another day
I’m strong, I’m the River, it’s another day
I’ll rain in the river

Caress everything around
in the water’s sound

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