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Lyrics – Everything’s a new dream (Air Signs, 2010)
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Written by AirSigns
Saturday, 2 July 2011 10:06

Everything’s a New Dream – Air Signs (MP3 Streaming)

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Everything’s a new dream

Everything’s a new dream
there’s no past: it’s always been unreal
all the pain’s not true
I hope my spirit will break through

The eyes are cheatable
the rain covers them with porcelain
but under this ethereal skin
there’s the light of something thin

Everything’s a new dream
I believe in what I feel
Keeping my eyes closed
I believe in the love I need

my wall of thoughts’ pulsing
finally collapsing
and this crown of steel bars surrounding
this perfumed flesh and free mind

one day we’ll finally see
and leave our lonely island
to navigate our ocean
and find the wave we want to be

porcelain…what am I touching with my eyes?

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