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Lyrics – Signs (Air Signs, 2010)
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Written by AirSigns
Monday, 20 June 2011 10:17

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Golden may be
our way, seekers
who marked the word “brave”
in their hearts

This symbol I can’t translate
reminds me
what I heard in my head:
you chose to be free

I see signs around me
in your eyes, in their words
I see signs in places I go
when I need you, when I see everything

and it’s wonderful
a waterfall of holy notes
descends on us
from heaven this pure rain falls

the hidden plans are
made to improve our mind
learning to lose what we have
let us run through the day light

the chains we don’t undestand
make ourselves slaves of our ancient fears
the voice we don’t wanna pray
leads our step in the new day

I scream in my own shadow, silly, running
I’m trying to muck me ignoring
my impulses towards the truth

we can see signs
we well all see signs
our life is a sign

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